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Extended Usage Statistics for SQL

The Software Workshop is proud to develop, host and support contributions to the MySQL® and PostgreSQL Communities which provide extended usage statistics for SQL.  Besides free release of the GPL source, we have precompiled binaries which include these additional features under the name of ExtSQL®.  We feel DBAs are going to be excited by the ease in which they can now monitor and account for activity on MySQL® & PostgreSQL servers.   The ExtSQL server is a drop-in replacement for the current server daemons used in MySQL or PostgreSQL installations -- including older versions!

Intro - what is ExtSQL and what does it do?

ExtSQL is NOT a NEW database server. It is a significant set of independently developed software additions and patches to the existing source code of both MySQL® & PostgreSQL. It provides a new set of SQL language features which make it easy for a DBA to monitor and audit activity on a busy server and account for activity by user, database, or even connecting client host. It even includes the ability to store historical usage data in amounts and time intervals specified by the DBA. It is not a separate monitoring utility, but built into the core of both servers.

We recommend you start here with our Intro.  A quick demo and overview of what the ExtSQL features can do.   While we anticipate the features of ExtSQL will become part of the primary MySQL® and PostgreSQL distributions -- we plan to remain a focal point for their continued development and distribution.

Software Workshop is a past member of the INCITS DM32 Technical Committee, (formerly H2), the US National Standards body with responsibility for SQL.   We hope to see these features implemented by other DBs such as Oracle® & DB2® The Company had made a proposal to make it part of the SQL standard.

 Documentation - details on installation and usage.

ExtSQL was designed to be easy to install and use.  Our Documentation Center should provide all the information you need.

 Downloads - how to get ExtSQL capability.

After reviewing the above, you can visit our Download Center to actually get the ExtSQL software.   We offer FREE source patch downloads and binary evals.  You also have the ability to buy paid licenses and support.  We offer a growing library of binaries for earlier versions of MySQL (and soon PostgreSQL) on a variety of operating systems and hardware architectures -- we even allow you to vote on future development.

 Support - details on installation and usage.

Check our Support Center for a guide to different support options.  These include web forums, mailing lists, bug reporting, and paid support purchased with a binary license.  We also have a Developer program which allows you to bid on work and pays well for your contributions (currently $40 USD/hour).

 Community - what type of effort is this?  A branch of MySQL/PostgreSQL?

This is not an attempt to fork off another version of these established servers! We fully anticipate our source code will eventually become part of those distributions. We hope to remain a focal point for their future development and anticipate feedback and changes generated by the user community. We also hope to profit by providing a binary download service for back-porting these features to earlier releases of both DB servers. Check our FAQ for answers to other common questions.

What about that logo - a giraffe?

That's our Company mascot, 'Gerry the Giraffe', and the staff love to feed him, purple tongue and all! Giraffes are able to 'see the forest from ABOVE the trees!'

We hope ExtSQL will give DBAs a much better view of server usage and activity so they will have more time for frolicking through the server room, just like Gerry!. Don't think we have a live giraffe -- look for our webcam soon!


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NOTE: MySQL® is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems. 
ExtSQL® is registered trademark of Software Workshop Inc.
ExtSQL is a separate product and should not be confused with MySQL
or PostgreSQL. It contains independently developed additional features,
released under the GPL,v.2.

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