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Documentation Center

From this page you should be able to find links to all our documentation, both produced by us and user contributed.

 Introductions & the 'big picture'

Best place to start:
  • Introduction - a quick summary picture of what the Extended SQL is and how it can be used.
  • Test Procedures - how we test every release of ExtSQL.
  • FAQ - common questions about installation, usage, support, and licensing for ExtSQL and its relation to the primary MySQL & PostgreSQL distributions.
  • Developer Program - How to contribute to ExtSQL and really get paid for your effort.
 Build & Install

How to - depending on whether you are starting from source or a precompiled binary from us:

 Usage & Details

This section has our configuration and usage documention. It all includes other articles that have been written about ExtSQL:


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NOTE: MySQL® is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems. 
ExtSQL® is registered trademark of Software Workshop Inc.
ExtSQL is a separate product and should not be confused with MySQL
or PostgreSQL. It contains independently developed additional features,
released under the GPL,v.2.

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