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Product Support Services

Our goal is to provide a focal point for ExtSQL development within for both MySQL and PostgreSQL.   Below you will find details on the different support and community options available.

The pure volume of activity on a project of this scale prohibits us from answering general questions. But by allowing open use of Support Forums and search access to our Change Request tracking system to everyone -- we hope even non-customers can keep track of updates. Paid support is also available and we try to provide FIRST CLASS service.


Open Forums - post your message.
You can visit the forums to interact with other users of ExtSQL.  They are monitored daily by staff and are available to the entire ExtSQL community. If you register at our site first, you will be able to use your same screename for Forum Login without any additional effort.
Problems - bug/feature tracking.
If you are having a problem you can search the forums above or even access our Change Request (CR) tracking system.  We're sorry, but unless you have paid support you will not be able to contact or staff directly or initiate a CR (for either a problem or requested feature).   Our staff does; however, monitor all public Forums.
Paid Support - email/phone.
All paid support includes complete access to our CR system and public forums.  You are also able to initiate Service Requests (SRs) to our staff.  If you want personalized help or development of a custom solution, we can help.   There are two levels of paid support available:

Level One - guarantees an initial response time to any support question before the end of the next business day.  It also provides FREE upgrades to new patch releases.

Level Two - also provides phone support during business hours, 9 AM - 5 PM EST.
NOTE: due to staff limitations, currently not available, expected in 1st Qtr 2010.  

Developers - we'll pay for your coding!
The 'source is out there' -- if you have some ideas, let us know.  We'd be happy to give you credit for the change and also pay for your time (@ $40.00/hour).  Click here for our Developer program.

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ExtSQL is a separate product and should not be confused with MySQL
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