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View Work Proposal - Implementation of ORDER BY clause

For introductory information on our Developer program and how to apply, please start here. This page is used to show the details of work that is done by our developer community. To view our lists of projects, please visit our work list. Only approved developers are allowed to make work proposals.

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Our developer work list displays a list of work projects that are either underway or for which we are seeking developer bids for completion. If you have questions about a Work Proposal or think it should be extended to include additional features -- please post those questions/ideas to our Developer Mailing List. This will make sure any clarification is available to all developers.

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Work Proposal Details - Implementation of ORDER BY clause
Staff Feedback:

Subject: Implementation of ORDER BY clause

Target: MySQL

Ticket #: (if applicable) 852

Submitting developer: GerryG

Expected Completion Date: 2008-11-01

Expected work hours: 20

Detailed Description of the work to be done:

I.  FUNCTIONALITY to be provided:

ORDER BY clause will accept one var and sort ExtSQL and ASC or DESC and will sort results

II.  JUSTIFICATION for this change:

Enhancement to ExtSQL interface

III.  USER INTERFACE SQL examples (if appropriate):

sql> SHOW STATISTICS Com_select, Com_insert, Questions FROM user ORDER BY user ASC;
| user     | Com_select  | Com_insert | Questions  |
| bandala  | 8302675     | 95973      | 23153940   |
| ponnetli | 24909       | 4784       | 95646      |
| sandymao | 1702812     | 6205       | 3829023    |

IV.  SRC FILE IMPACT (anticipated list of changes, new files):

V. TESTING REQUIREMENTS (how/what needs to be tested):

Just basic functionality checks

VI. LIMITATIONS to ExtSQL Version/OS/Arch (if expected):






Proposal status: Bidding

Work Proposal Bid Information
This proposal is open for bidding to approved ExtSQL developers. Learn more about the ExtSQL Developer Program


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